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We are glad to introduce to you our new site with our product listings. The confectionary aspect of our company was opened in 2015, since that year we have gained much experience and can make any cake you desire. We can’t tell you how many cakes we have actually made, but can tell you that every individual cake is special and made carefully just for you.

We DO NOT use:

  • Margarine
  • Non-dairy creamer
  • Industrial chocolate glaze
  • Frying fat
  • Melange
  • Preservative
  • Normal products that don’t have chemical enhancements.

We use fresh and natural ingredients!

We make our own cake bases, use natural eggs and natural butter.

To order your own cake you can call us 027 6789 550 or come to our store and talk with the baker personally.

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Own production

Pelmeni, Vareniki and Chebureki.

Pelmeni is what started this whole story. This year it’s officially been 10 years since we’ve been making them. Since then we have managed to make a wide range for you to choose from, and to this day experiment with ingredients and tastes. And we don’t plan on stopping, soon we will also be making hand made pellmell to the assortment.

We also have a wide range of vareniki, manti, chebureki and much more.

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Our confectionary is incredible, always has a wide range of sweets, that are made here, cakes and bakery, which are made by our bakers. A whole world of sweets to choose from.

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